We are the Association of Students' Classical Music Clubs

It is believed that amateur classical music performers can’t do it thoroughly at a high level of quality, and it is just an entertainment which is not much different than watching TV series. We are happy to introduce you the Association of Students' Classical Music Clubs, an organization established in 2016 for inspiring youth to play classical music together. We organize classical music concerts and festivals to give students and youth an opportunity for continuing their musical practice. The key idea is to play together with professional musicians. This leads to a good performance level and unites youth. For several years we have been collecting the most vivid stories of people, who play musical instruments, sing or even write music being non-professional musicians but being physicists, chemists, linguists, architects, etc. Now you have a chance to read them and find something for you, that maybe will inspiring for your own accomplishments.

David Petrosyan

David is a neurosurgeon at the Scientific Center of Neurology, Moscow, Russia

David graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University Medical School, Russia (Honors Degree) and Neurosurgery residency at Scientific Center of Neurology, Moscow

What musical instrument do you play?

I play the piano, somewhat guitars

When did you start to play music?

I made my first steps in music at the age of 4, went to a music school at the age of 6, took my first piano lessons at 7, started decent composing at 21, recently also started my way in EDM and experimental electronic music producing

Why do you like classical music?

I perceive my passion for music as a combination of genetic predisposition, innate need for self-expression and simply a benevolent curse, as I start experiencing certain signs of depression and emptiness as soon as I stop partially contributing my energy and mind resources to music for a significant amount of time.

What do your colleagues say about your hobby?

I don't usually discuss my hobbies with my colleagues, your side interests don't really matter while you're wearing your scrubs. But when I occasionally do, they express respect and positivity. It's not a rare situation to have some artistic alter-ego among our fellows, e.g. one of my closest colleagues besides being a brilliant neurosurgeon is also quite a famous poet, blogger and an outstanding media personality.

Mikhail Dubov

It was only after I had started my career in computer science that I realized how many wonderful yet neglected composers there are in the world of classical music. This made me think that I should get back to piano as promoting their works – often completely ignored by professional musicians – would be something where I could make a real impact. In fact, being an amateur pianist gives you much more freedom as you no longer have to build your repertoire around Beethoven and Chopin – and can concentrate instead on such amazing but not particularly known composers as, for example, Medtner or Golovanov!

It was also many years after my graduation from the Chopin Music School in Moscow that I first had a chance to play something together with my friends and discovered how much passion I have for chamber music; this is another big reason why I have been devoting a lot of time to the piano along with pursuing my professional career in IT. I was lucky to meet Olga Potekhina, the head of the piano class at Higher School of Economics (where I majored in computer science) with whom I continued my piano studies – and I have also been extremely lucky to be able to collaborate with many fantastic amateurs at the Musica Integral festival over the last few years!

Mikhail R. Morozov

Bachelor of Architecture

Mikhail R. Morozov was born in Moscow in 1996. Since 2013 Mikhail Morozov has been a student of the Moscow Architectural Institute; the sphere of his scientific interests is the history of Russian pre-Petrine architecture. Mikhail plays the piano (from the age of 9), the accordion (from the age of 12), the saxophone (from the age of 15) and some percussions (from the age of 18). Since 2018 he studied at the Night Music School of the Pedagogical Practice of the Moscow Conservatory. Since 2014 – pianist and curator of the events of the Musical Studio of MARHI "Euterpe"; since 2015 participates in concerts of the Association of Students' Classical Music Clubs. Also, Mikhail is a member of the Association of Mytishchi Municipal District artists.

Why do you like classical music?

All my conscious life I spent with music: at first just getting acquainted with musical instruments, and then I wanted to carry every favorite piece by my hands. So I learned to play the piano, and then other instruments

What do your family and friends say about your hobby?

My family, colleagues, and friends support my musical activity. Many of them ironically say that I should have gone to study at the Conservatory, and not at the Architectural Institute. But I do not regret anything, and I dream of combining in my scientific practice the two most sensual arts – architecture and music!

Ekaterina Ilinykh

Ekaterina is a sociologist

Ekaterina graduated from Perm State University, Philosophy and Sociology department. Now, Kate is a postgraduate student of PSU. She hopes that in future she will be an expert in the sociology of music.

What musical instrument do you play?

I have been playing the violin since I was 5 years old.

How did you start to play music?

When I was 5, my mother took me to music school to her teacher, she played the piano. But on the entrance exam, I told the commission that I want to play the violin. Since that moment the violin became a part of my life.

Why do you still devote your time to musical exercises?

I love music. Music is a special language, I think. The language of art is able to convey the most intimate thoughts, feelings, emotions to other people, not using speech. This is fascinating.

Anastasiya Kazmina

Where do you study?

I’ve been studying History and Theory of Theatre and Criticism course at GITIS, Moscow.

When did you start to play music?

I went to a music class when I was 9

What musical instrument do you play?

My instrument is a flute. I love my instrument very much! In future, I will become a theatre critic, a historian of the theatre, but I am not going to stop playing the flute.

Why do you like classical music?

The possibility to express my emotions not only in words but also in music is the great happiness for me. What is more, classical music helps a lot in my profession.

What do your course mates and faculty say about your hobby?

My classmates and professors always hear about our project with much interest. They like to come to our concerts and support us during tuff festival days.

Evgeniya Kanaeva

I'm a 3rd-year student, Novosibirsk State University, Department of mechanics and mathematics. I play cello for more than 12 years. When I was eight I went to music school and graduated from it with honors. I had a very good teacher who made me love music. For the moment I take part in different ensembles and play also for myself, for my soul. My friends like that I play music and they often come to my concerts. Many of them ask to play something, to compose or to arrange, to take part in their projects. I willingly agree to this.

Andrey Matveev

My name is Andrey Matveev. I’m from Novosibirsk. Last year I graduated from Novosibirsk State University on a computer science and currently work in programming, developing compilers for Russian processor Elbrus. My favorite hobby is playing the violin and the piano and listen to classical music. I have been playing music since I was 6 years old. After the graduation from music school, I went to play violin in the ensemble of violinists under the direction of Mikhail Semenovich Blam, where I had the opportunity to continue favorite thing. When I enrolled in the university, I continued my hobby in the classical music club at Novosibirsk State University for which I am very grateful, because music always helps to switch after hard work and a lot of studies. I also enjoy playing at university events and working corporate parties, which makes it possible not to lose the experience of performing on stage and to remind people how beautiful classical music is.

Samoylova Anastasia

My name is Samoylova Anastasia, I'm 23 years old and I work as a business analyst in the field of e-commerce in the main office of the Adidas CIS company.

What have I forgotten here? The fact is that I have been playing music since I was 4 years old, that is, almost all my life. I do not have any musicians or people of art professions in my family, and when I was brought to music school and asked what I want to play, I, in turn, confidently answered the flute. Why the flute and where it all came from in the head of a little girl is still not clear to anyone. Apparently, fate. Then began school, concerts, competitions. I spent more time at the music school than at home or in a regular school. Everyone was sure that my future was decided, I was invited to study by the leading teachers of the Central Music School, the Gnesin School and even the Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky. I knew for sure that this was mine. So what do I do in the IT department? (This question I hear too often after people recognize me from other sides). But simple ways are not about me. Therefore, when it was time to act, I made a decision - and entered the Bauman Moscow State Technical University to the Faculty of Computer Science and Management Systems. I'm out of it, I’ve graduated. Some even talked that I was crazy, that what for to the girl to study for the programmer, let it is engaged in music if it is her. But I did not think to throw the music. Moreover, at the age of 16 I decided that flute and piano were not enough for me, so I entered the violin. I finished school also on violin. In parallel with my studies at university, I continued to actively perform concerts, engage in music and develop. At the same time, I found myself in Association of Students' Classical Music Clubs, in the first year of its foundation. From this began a great time - the time of concerts, meetings with people like me - not musicians, but living music. I found like-minded people, found new acquaintances, a strong friendship was established with many. Colleagues know about my "second life", come to concerts. The most pleasant thing for me is that many who have never been interested in classical music, start to take an interest in, listen to, go to other concerts, then share their impressions with me, ask me to recommend concerts. It is wonderful!

Ildar Nabiullin

I work as a research and development engineer. I graduated from Saint Petersburg Academic University of the Russian Academy of Sciences (MSc degree) and Perm State University (Bachelor’s degree). I was born in a very musical family: my mother is a music teacher, two of my sisters are professional musicians and the other sister graduated from music school. I went to music school when I was 6. I used to play the recorder and the accordion. Then I switched to the clarinet at the age of 12. Maybe since my father is an engineer, I decided to acquire a technical profession. I chose an advanced course in physics and math in school and then entered the university. But I never gave up pursuing music. I won honors at several music contests and played solo with an orchestra at least 10 times. Once Music became a part of me and now I can’t imagine my life without it and without people who share this love.